We won 3rd Place – Best Owners Club Stand – NE Auto Show, Darlington 2019

Well last weekend, on Sunday 12th May 2019, we attended the North East Auto Show in Darlington. We had 12 Elgrand’s on the stand, each one unique (as always) and each one sitting proudly amongst the hundreds of show cars on display. The sun was out and everyone in attendance had a great day.

Little did we know that during the day the judges were quietly walking around judging the display stands and picking their favourites. In all honesty, as the banners and flags were sitting in a box in my house ready to move… I was not expecting to win anything with just the display of cars… but we got given a 3rd place award for Best Owners Club Stand out of EIGHTEEN stands!

A massive thank you to everyone who came to the show, and played a part in winning us this trophy. Such a massive honour to receive an award like this and just goes to show that the Elgrand stands out in any crowd, whether it’s modified or not.

Next up with have JDM Combe, followed quickly by Jap Show, then Cumbria Auto Show, Yakushi and Jap Show Finale. A busy year for the club. And we know we’ll have a great time regardless of any trophy we may receive.

North East Auto Show
Best Owners Club Stand
Third Place Trophy
ElgrandOC Show Stand (Right to Left) 
North East Auto Show, Darlington, 12th May 2019

ElgrandOC has moved to HTTPS 1

Well it’s been a long time coming, but we have now moved the whole website over to HTTPS. What does this mean? It means the site now has an additional layer of security to ensure that any personal details you enter into any of the EOC webpages is kept safe (email addresses, passwords, names etc).

This will also help to improve our Google search ranking as it has become a criteria for Google to rank based on the security of the website.

Whether this means anything to you or not, this is a huge step in the right direction for the club!

Welcome to the new ElgrandOC Website 9

Well, after some rocky roads, ElgrandOC is now on a new server and running better than ever. Unfortunately there was some data lost in the migration, so we are currently rebuilding the site. The forum is up and running, and will be worked on in the coming weeks. We also need to get the shop and the wiki back online, this will be done in due course, so please bear with is.

We really hope that the new server provides a much better user experience for you guys, there has certainly been a HUGE improvement. It’s been tough going to get to this point, but as ever, the team have worked as hard as possible to keep things running as smoothly as possible.