JAE 2018

With 24 hours and 30 minutes until it’s the start of the JAE weekend, we’re all ready and raring to go! Planning has been ongoing for about 8 months solid and now we’re starting to see the fruits of the struggles.

Excited members, excited administration, plans in place, designs in hand… JAE… ElgrandOC are coming.

Seven at JAE 2017

It’s going to be another weekend of looking our best, having a good time, polishing the vans and drinking. Did I mention drinking? Our founder Karl has his van in for the Show N Shine this year; so if you get a chance to drop in to the Arena (or even purchase a Saturday ticket), head in to theĀ  Arena and get up close and personal to see what it’s all about!


There will be a lot of pictures and video coming, keep an eye on the Instagram account for sure, it’ll be one to follow for the next few weeks!

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