EOC’s new Webserver

After our old host decided to simply pack up and disappear (lé poof) we had no choice but to go to our new server a month early. Well, this is that. We haven’t fixed HTTPS connection just yet, so expect that to quietly come back soon, however as always you connection data is still secure and all information is stored in encrypted databases.

So, the new server! It can handle more traffic, more members, more files, it’s just better… I mean, it’s a new server… Bigger… More powerful… It’s the VQ35 of the EOC server world…

Should anything be wrong, as always feel free to get in touch with our always helpful admin team on Facebook or the Forums. We are Karl, Matt (Seven), Ellis (Headless), Jim (LLGrandJ), Mark, Alan (Rapperfrapper), Brian (BMR) and Robin (MrRob_in).

Aaaaalso – thanks to everyone who made JAE 2017 our best one yet! The EOC is definitely the best Owner’s Club I’ve been with. Good people, good music and good times. We’ll see you again at the next one!

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