Email updates

As a note to all, the email address “” is going to be turned off in the coming weeks. All automatic emails sent from the website will be directed to the new email address “”. If you need to contact me, please use the new email address. Also, if you could all please add the new email address to your contacts / safe list within your email accounts, it will help you to receive messages from us.

The decision behind this is to allow more of the EOC staff access to the email account. This will mean that any queries sent in for password resets etc will be picked up by more than just myself. Hopefully this will mean swifter replies to your queries in the long run, but please allow time for the team members to get set up to receive the emails and we work out a way of managing the mailbox to prevent multiple people all replying to the same emails.

I would also request that you add “” to your contacts / safe list in the event that you purchase anything from the shop.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The new ElgrandOC Store

Well, earlier this year the shop went offline during an update. I was stupid enough not to back things up before I did the update (they had gone seamlessly before in my defense!).

Well, I have finally got around to setting the new store back up, It’s a work in progress as I lost everything, so bear with me. But I will be adding all the official ElgrandOC Merch to the listings, the lighting, and anything else I can think of.

Please remember that, other than official ElgrandOC products, you will be able to get these items cheaper elsewhere. For items such as replacement LED’s etc, although I have negotiated a small discount with the suppliers, there is a premium added to the prices to help with the club funds. This money goes into the “war chest” to help cover the expense of running the website and goes towards buying club equipment for shows and events. None of the money is taken for personal use by any of the ElgrandOC staff, so please rest assured that we are not ripping you off.

All purchases made through the EOC shop are greatly appreciated, and our sincerest thank you goes to you for chosing to help support the club.

It’s been a long time coming…

Well, it has been a while since our last post. I need to apologise for falling off the map a little, life seems to have it’s way of preventing you from doing what you want to do at time!

So, to bring you all up to date, there hasn’t been much happening with the club. The social scene this year has been a little quiet, but not dead. I’ve been to some great meets over in Whitby, Yorkshire Dales, Santa Pod (Jap Show) and we’ve still got the best to come.

I’ve realised that as the club has expanded, I am going to need more help with running things, so I’ll be looking to recruit some volunteers to help out and keep things ticking over. The club shop has been down for most of the year and needs setting back up, this will be done when I’ve got some help with maintaining it when it’s up.

So, hopefully things will start getting back on track and we can start moving the club forward at full speed!

New forum software installed – Welcome to XenForo 1

I thought it was about time the forum had a bit of an update. Up to now, we have ran with a free forum software known as phpBB. This software did everything we needed it to. It gave us a free platform to build a club on.
The biggest issue I had with phpBB was that, out of the box, it was very simple. It required a lot of “add ons” to be installed to get it to where we had it, and each add on seemed to affect loading times.  It got to the point of, in some cases, taking up to 20 seconds just to post a thread.

I started looking into other options, and narrowed my choice down to XenForo. I chose this software because it seemed to do everything I wanted from a forum without adding anything to it. It also has extra features that I had not expected to gain, such as post tagging and user tagging.

The overall improvement has been massive, and members have commented on how much better the new platform is. The number of people using the forum has also significantly increased which shows that the upgrade has been more than worthwhile.

The only real teething issue we are having is around user passwords. If you have not yet logged into the new forum, you will need to have your password reset. You can request this yourself using the forgotten password link, but if your email is provided through Yahoo, BT or Microsoft (Hotmail/Live) then you will not receive it as they are still blocking us as spam. In this instance, please contact one of the admins either via the Facebook page, or email to request a password reset.

Important Updates regarding the Forum

I have recently been playing with a few solutions to make the forum more mobile friendly. My first attempt, using Oxwall software didn’t go quite as well as anticipated, and it was going to cost a lot of money to get it how we wanted it. So that project was binned after a few days.

The latest project is to install Tapatalk software onto the forum. Tapatalk is a mobile application that fully integrates with the phpBB software we are using. You will be able to access the forum through this app which is available from the Apple App Store and also on Android’s Google Play.

I am having a few teething issues with getting the forum onto Tapatalk, so in the mean time, please bear with me. The most important update is to the way you access the site. I have had to remove the SSL “https://” from the forum to get it to integrate with the Tapatalk Software. If you have any links or shortcuts saved to the forum that show https:// at the begging, please replace them with

I appreciate there are a LOT of links to various parts of the forum, and most of them are going to have the https:// prefix. These will not work when trying to access the site, so if you get any security warnings or failed page loads, please check that you have http:// prefix (without the “s”).

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at for details.

I’m back, and with me I bring project “Member Map”

Well, the move was a reasonable success! After 4 long days of shifting, repairing, decorating and swearing, we are now comfortably in our new home.

I was perusing t’internet this afternoon, and I came across something called “My Maps” powered by Google Maps. This handy tool allows you to create your own markers and points of interest. I thought I would use this to create a member map of ElgrandOC members.

Now, you might think this is a bit strange, to create a map with all your locations on, but you don’t need to give house number and street name. This map is there to give an indication of who is where. This will help when it comes to people trying to organise local meets. It’s much easier to look on a map and find a central location for members than it is to have to constantly ask everyone where they live.

This map also features “layers”. This means that I can use various different types of markers for different things. So at the moment we have members, recommended garages and recommended dealers. This will be of great help to people wanting to find a decent garage willing to work on Elgrand’s, and will also help those looking to buy find good retailers in their area (or at least the one closest to them!).

So, if you want to add some info to the map, add it to the forum. We have a section for recommended retailers which I will use to update the dealers and garages. You can find the forum group here (please select the region you want to post in before posting).

If you want to add YOUR location to the map to help anyone organising a meet, you can add your details here.

As with anything in life, the more information we have, the better this will be. So why not add some of your information to the forum and have it transferred to the map?

For all those interested, you can see the map by clicking here.

I’m going offline for a while – please read

As some of you know, I am moving house. I am losing my home broadband connection tomorrow, Friday 24th April, and I will not get it back until Tuesday 28th April.

I am not quite sure how I am going to live for 5 days without access to real internet (rather than the fake mobile internet), but I have no alternative.

During this time, the shop will be offline, as all the EOC merch has been packed away, and I won’t have the ability to forward on new orders to relevant suppliers. Also, the forum will be left in the capable hands of the admin and moderator team. If you need help with your forum account, please contact Rapper Frapper or Widget (Andrew Kelly).

I will still be around using my fake mobile internet, but I will be rather busy over the next few days, so please bear with me if you send any queries directly to me.


Elgrand BMR – New Elgrand Part’s supplier in the UK

It is my privilege to finally unveil a new parts supplier for everything Elgrand related. I myself have refrained from adding parts to the ElgrandOC shop because I don’t have the relevant knowledge and/or experience to acquire top quality items at the best possible price. One of our members, Brian Willoughby, has extended his own business to offer a parts service to Elgrand owners in the UK. Seeing as we have had to mostly rely on eBay sellers for service and general parts, Brian has brought a breath of fresh air to the Elgrand community by setting up his shop.

He is currently working on expanding his catalogue of Elgrand parts, but he has already got an extensive list of what you need to keep your Elgrand running healthily.

Check out his shop @

Broken the 200 member mark!

Well, Sunday 28th Feb marks 6 months since I created this club and just 2 days before we have smashed the 200 member mark. Considering I’ve deactivated about 30 accounts as well, this really is amazing.

This club really wouldn’t be anything without you guys, so thank you for being part of it. Really hoping to see that member count continue to grow and have more fantastic members each bringing their own knowledge and ideas on board.

So keep spreading the good word and helping us to build the most comprehensive and easy to access Elgrand resource in the world. We’re getting there at an alarming rate.

Pushing the meets & shows

Right guys. This year is going to be AMAZING! I have decided. But for that to happen, I need YOU on board! Yes, I am talking to you. Whoever is reading this, I am speaking directly to you!

We have got loads of meets and events planned for this year. Setting up the club and getting to where we are has been a HUGE success, not only for me, but for the Elgrand community as a whole. But now what we need to do is actually meet up, get to know one another and bring Elgrand owners from across the country together.

To do that, we are going to attend as many meets and shows as humanly possible. We all have busy lives, most of us have families (large ones at that), and everyone is short of cash now and then. I appreciate that. These meets and events are being planned WELL in advance to give you all the time to prepare and save up.

I know that most of you haven’t the slightest interest in going to car meets or shows, but believe me, once you’ve cracked that shell and attended one, you will see just how much fun they can be, and you’ll be hooked. Meets and shows are not just about the cars, they are about the people too. Spending 4 days in a field at JAE will help to bring our members closer together on a personal level, and the better you know each other, the more likely you are to interact. Meeting people in Whitby for fish and chips is a great excuse for a day out with the family, and a chance to integrate with other owners, swap ideas, see what other people have done and improve your own knowledge about your car. Shows have retailers, who offer special discounts on the day, so if you need parts, or are looking into a new mod, these shows are a great chance to speak to the people who can make that a reality.

So, show me what you are made of. Join the forum and get your name down on a list for a meet or a show. Even if it’s just ONE this year, TRY to make it happen. The club will benefit from YOUR attendance, and you will benefit from ours. It’s win win! If there is nothing happening locally to you, make it happen. Put the feelers out. The first one might only be 2 people, but then it’ll be 3, then it’ll be 5 or 6… and they grow. The more you go, the more will come, and eventually local meets become a chance to meet with friends, not just other owners.

So, can you rise to the challenge and make it to at least ONE club meet this year?

For details of planned events, click here.